Why update your Pantone guides

Pantone guides is a essential tool no matter which segment of the graphic industry you work in.
From graphic design, layout, print, prepress, quality control ec. All areas where you work in color.

Therefore, we always recommend that you take good care of your Pantone guides and keep them in a drawer or case to protect them from light.

When you work with old Pantone guides guide your are the risk of making critical and costly errors and as we say it’s always cheaper to keep your Pantone guides updated then then to reproducre a product with wrong colors.

For an overview of Pantone updates over the years see our history overview.

Colors fade over time

Despite that you follow the guidelines on how to protect your Pantone from fading, colors will fade. Paper will turn to more yellow from light and air over time and this will affect you Pantone guide. This is something you should be aware of.

Therefore, both we and Pantone recommend that you replace your guides every 1-2 years. When you open your guides you can write the opening date on the back on guide.

Advantages by updating your Pantone guides

Pantone are always working on their colors and keesp updating the colorrange according to market and costumer request.
Since 2010 Pantone have added more and more new colors, so if your Pantone guide in more then 2 years old we can garranty that you are missing hounders of new Pantone colors in your Pantone guides.

With the new Pantone guides you also get acces to the digital Pantone color library called Pantone Color Manger.
Through Pantone Color Manger your digital Pantone colors are always updated for use in design program.