Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector – PBT100

Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector – PBT100

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The Pantone Plastics transparent selector is one of two products you use when you work with Pantone colors and plastic.
Pantone Plastics transparent selector contains  735 colors including a complete range of chromatics, browns, grays, pearlescents, fluorescents and metallics.

Each chip provides three steps of thickness to display different levels of translucency.
All the chips are conveniently arranged and stored in custom three-ring binders.
All chips have a gloss finish.

Features in the Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector

  • 735 colors to choose from
  • Stored in three-ring binders with removable general purpose polystyrene chips that snap neatly into molded pages
  • Each selector chip measures 27 x 33 mm and has three steps of thickness: 1, 2 and 3 mm
  • Each color identified with a distinct Pantone number or name


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