Pantone Color Bridge Set, Coated & Uncoated – GP6102N


Pantone Color Bridge Set, Coated & Uncoated – GP6102N

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Pantone Color Bridge set is a two guide set of both the coated and uncoated, so you have everything you need for both glossy and mat media and paper stock. This is one of our high sellers because of it’s versitly use in all sectors of the graphic industry rather you are working with coated or uncoated products.

Pantone Color Bridge, In guide

Shows how Pantone 2708 color will look as both solid on the left and printed in CMYK on the right. Furthermore if also shows the HTML and sRGB values.

You get two different Pantone guides in this set (coated & uncoated), but they are both made the same way.
They shows both the solid Pantone color and a simulate how the same colors will look when printed in CMYK.
All the colors are displayed in easy table view where you have the solid color on the left and the CMYK simulation on the right.
This way you get a perfekt overview of how you chosen colors look in both a solid Pantone color and 4-colored CMYK print, which could be a digital print job or standard offset.

Additionaly you can also find CMYK and sRGB value and the HTML code for when you are working in webdesign, digital advertimenst, video and similar digital media productions.
So the Pantone Color Bridge, Uncoated can be used for color selection in digital production and reansuremnt that the colors you have chosen for specific job can be correctly reproduced when printed.

Some colors are very hard to reproduce in traditional og digital CMYK prints, so there can be a large difference from what you expect and what you will altually get when printed.
With a Pantone Color Bridge set you can foresee any problem and make correction before you chose colors or run a production with the wrong colors, and because you have both the coated and uncoated version in this you never meet a product, media og paper stock where you don’t have the correct Pantone guide for it.

So if you are working with either digital og fisical platforms the Pantone Color Bridge Set, Coated & Uncoated is a must have.

The Pantone Color Bridge Set are also sold seperatly as a coated or uncoated version and they can be found here.

Pantone Color Bridge, Coated  Pantone Color Bridge, Uncoated

Features in the Pantone Color Bridge Set

  • 2 Pantone guide set of one coated guide and one uncoated guide
  • 1.845 different Pantone colors printed on coated & uncoated stock
  • sRGB and HTML values for alle Pantone colors
  • Overview of how the Pantone will look in CMYK also called process
  • Pantone Color Manger license code for the digital Pantone library for use in your design applications like Adobe.
  • Color locator index for helping to quicly located colors.
  • ColorChecker Lighting Indicator for assesing if you are viewing your colors on correct D50 light. It can be found in back of the guide.


Target audience

  • Webdesigner
  • Designer
  • DTP
  • Graphic artist
  • Prepress
  • Digital printers
  • LFP printers
  • Advertising
  • Print Buyers

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 26 x 5 cm


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