Pantone Capsure – Bluetooth

Pantone Capsure – Bluetooth

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Pantone Capsure is a small portable tool for capturing colors.
You can captures colors from vertality any surfaces and the Pantone Capsure will then find the neast match to a Pantone color.

So what can you then use this for? In a world full on colors, designers can get inspiration from all types on things, from fabrics, leaves on a tree, a product or something complete different.
With Pantone Capsure you can instantly capture the color and match it to the neartest Pantone colors.
This way you can take the colors back to the office on use it in your designs or products.

But there are tons of options possilities where you can use the Pantone Capsure.

Pantone Capsure stores up to 100 captured colors and make voice memos for each colors.

It’s targeted for designers, artist and buyers in fashion, textile, interior design and graphic production.
See this video for inspiration.

Pantone Capsure video


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